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Hey everyone, if you are looking for help in Homescapes  you’ve come to the right place. This is the latest Homescapes Hack to hit the market which can be definitely used online to aquire unlimited and FREE Homescapes Coins and Stars. Yes, this is a free game to play and most of the time people use the in game store to purchase items which do require alot of money.

So a little bit about this game if you have no idea what this is about. Homescapes was invented because of Gardenscapes which was running on the iOS and android system. The character you play is Austin who is a butler who moves back in with his parents after that successful run at the Gardenscapes house. The goal in this game is to renovate your own place so you can play a match three rounds and earn coins as well as stars. You can also load up your house with fancy new furniture.

Now your goal is to help Austin brighten up his family’s huge mansion. The adventure is well worth it. This game becomes addicting and you get to show off your design skills by decorating and furnishing the whole mansion which entails the kitchen, halls , living areas, and other areas of the house.

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How To Get Free Coins and Stars using Homescapes Hacks and Cheats

Well of course the way to get Free Coins and Stars in Homescapes is by using the latest version of our Homescapes Hack Generator for Coins and Stars version 2.1. Yes, this is the latest version and will probably be our last version as it will work with all the next Homescapes updates that may come along the way. The Coin and Stars Generator was developed by the Bighouse development team and their lead programmer is a senior analyst with one of the biggest companies of all time, Facebook.

Please bear in mind that this Homescapes Tool will earn you thousands of coins which is more than enough to do hundreds or thousands of furniture swaps throughout the game. After completing this, you can even go back to the task menu to start a new day to get more batches of tasks to complete. Now, this my friend, is the easiest way to get free Homescapes coins and stars by using the Homescapes Hack tool version 2.1.

Features of Homescapes Cheats Generator

1.) Get an unlimited amount of Coins using the Homescapes Hack Generator.
2.) Get an unlimited amount of STARS using the Homescapes Hack Tool.
3.) This Homescapes Cheat tool is running off a server and is online based.
4.) The Homescapes Cheats tool comes with an Anti-Ban system which will prevent your account from getting banned.
5.) This works on all devices running on the Android/iOS/PC platforms.
6.) The Bighouse development team has provided an Automatic Update system for this game.
7.) 1000 person cap limit – We will be scaling this up in the future but as of now we currently have 59/1000 people using this Homescapes Hack Cheat.

Instructions: On how to use the Homescapes Hack to Cheat your way to get Free Coins and Stars.

1.) First you will need to access the Homescapes Hack Tool Generator version 2.1 to begin.2.) Now you need to enter your username and email of your account in their respective fields.
3.) This is the best part, now it’s time to choose your desired amount of Homescape Coins.
4.) Then you select your desired amount of Homescapes Stars.
5.) Hit Submit and the Homescapes Hack tool will connect with the online server and generate your Coins and Stars for your Homescapes account.

Homescapes Tips and Tricks to run this Hack Tool.

Before running the game, make sure to run this hack tool first to generate the coins and stars. The tool may sometimes be buggy so you will have to generate 1000 coins and stars at a time for it to register ,but after the first few tries it will start to verify your account and that is when you can start the process of loading more coins to your account. The Bighouse development have done this to prevent the anti ban system from detecting alot of coins and stars being added to people’s accounts.

Top Features of the Homescapes Game

– Swapping and matching pieces together is probably one of the best parts of the game.
– You get to decide what your house looks like. Show your interior design creativity.
– Decorate the Mansion and discover all the secrets it may hold.
– Invite your Facebook friends to help create an awesome atmosphere in your house.

You can give that old looking mansion a new makeover by showing your designer skills by making that kitchen and living room beautiful as well as other parts of the house. You get thousands of options that give you all the freedom needed to test your skills. Now is the time to create that dream house. And when we say dream house, we mean, you need to try it out using this Homescapes Hack tool as a cheat to get unlimited Coins and Stars in game which will definitely give you a big boost in the game.

Homescapes Cheats on the Android and iOS platform

These two are the top 2 platforms to use in order to get those unlimited Coins and Stars as we know those are the most significant resources in the game in order to acheive the top level of the chain. Both platforms have been designed to be integrated easily and have worked at a 99% success rate. We say 99% because there are times that the server could go down, but those are rare instances just like any other website. We have implemented the fastest cloud service by the Amazon team which could be found here. ( They do have one of the best reputations in the world for cloud services so we have relied heavily on the to run this Homescapes Hack tool to take it to greater lengths.

Download the latest Homescapes Cheats apk NOW!

Well what are you waiting for. Now is the time to download the latest Homescapes Cheats generator below and hack your way to FREE Coins and STARS today. Remember , we do have a limit on the number of people that can use our program. And we intend to keep it that way as we don’t want our accounts getting detected. That is why we limited it to 1,000 people as this is a safe threshold to be virtually undetected by the servers.

This is a bulletproof Homescapes hack tool that has been under the radar for over a year now. We are sharing this tool with everyone as we want to help people that can’t afford to buy coins or stars unlike their counter-parts that have all the money in the world and that cheat in their own way by buying the game resources. This is your chance to show off to all your friends and family that you too could be a part in something big and show your designer skills.

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